“I can be bad all by myself” Yea…but why would you want to?

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@MrPeteyWheat: It’s all fun and games until there’s no one around to help you with the stroller down those 2 flights of steps.

“I need Daddy and Daddy needs me, it’s the only way this family can work.” -Madre

I can be bad all by myself. I take issue with that statement. I have a problem with it. We now live in a society where it is a constant battle of the sexes. It is an eternal back and forth between men and women on who needs the other less. I don’t need a man for this; I don’t need a woman for that. Truth is. Yes you do. I need people to understand men and women are different. We were created that way purposely. No one inferior than the other. Ying and yang. Harmony. Balance. We are equally important but NOT the same. (And to this end, double-standards will remain, but that’s another post for another time)

Humankind cannot survive without the womb and a woman’s womb cannot create without the man. By simple biology men and women need each other, so what makes any other aspect of life exempt from this idea?

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“I could’ve married any one of my boyfriends”

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Yup… this was the response that shattered my deluded happily ever after picture of a soul-mate at the tender age of 15 years old.

My mother is da bomb ruthless.

I asked her one day on the way to the bus stop, grinning from ear to ear, “So how’d you know Daddy was “the one”? :head tilt, glossy eyes:

My mother responds by scrunching her face and shrugging. “I could’ve married any one of my boyfriends.”

Me: *Gasp!* :heart stops: You harlot!

Mother: Well, I mean all my boyfriends were great but Daddy had the same goals and vision that I did. Daddy’s great too though.

Me: You harlot!
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An X signifies being crossed out. From my life.

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We all have exes. Ex-boyfriends, ex-flings, ex-friends ex-acquintances. I can honestly say I have no regrets about past relationships, friendly, romantic, professional or otherwise. While I don’t believe in burning bridges I don’t believe in looking back either. I like to keep it moving in one fluid direction. I don’t think you should entirely eliminate your past from your present but there’s a reason why they are past. You have moved past them, and the situation that afforded their presence in your life. I do believe in second chances but I am slow to dole them out. Extremely slow. Especially if their exodus was on less than pleasant terms.

I had an ex try to rekindle a flame that was long extinguised. We went to lunch and he kept pressing me for information on my love life. I was slightly disgusted at his gall and laughed off his persistence. I’m no fool, I know this “friendly lunch” was going to take a turn for the worst if I entertained the bull. That’s none of your business sir and it will never be.  After lunch, we parted ways. He reached out. I rejected. I’m open to being civil, cordial, and even friendly with an ex, I am on good terms with all exes of mine, but romantic? Not at all. What for?

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Lookin’ like a FOOL with your pants on the ground

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Inside my brain when I spot “pants on the ground”

Ewwww…You look like a scumbag. Why is your whole entire ass out? You don’t feel that draft? No? You don’t have a problem the thin material that is your underwear is feeble protection from the elements. Don’t you feel that cold germy subway seat on your ass? As a full grown man, you don’t care that everyone sees your underwear? Is it comfortable waddling like that all day? Do you feel cool reaching down to your ankles to grab your wallet? Do girls like that? Cuz I know women sure don’t.
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Womanhood: It ain’t all about bouncing breasts and jiggling booties

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Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Steven Chew Jr. You can read the Chronicles of Chew here.

As a man, you are conveniently served a buffet of sexually explicit images of women on television. Just 30 minutes of music video enjoyment provides more breast and thighs than a bucket at KFC. These images in music videos, film, and magazines give any man enough to satiate a lustful sexual appetite. But is there ever a time to step back and think about how these images affect the female gender?…Um…. No… – Is the response you might get from some men in regards to the question and topic.
As men let’s face it – we all have a mother, maybe a sister, and might experience the joy of having a daughter someday, so what separates the women in our lives from the negative images of women in the media today? -Nothing.

Now, let’s really think about these images. The video hoe, the nympho, the man hungry bimbo, the ditz, the hysterical and powerless female roles in movies and television shows all were created and reinforced by the male’s sexual domination in everyday society. All of these images can have a negative influence on the way women might view themselves. Several young women, who are discovering their “womanhood” or “role in society”, might view these images and mistake them as truth or may feel they cannot transcend the images of what the media depicts them as. It is important to make a conscious effort to teach young women that they are more than these unsubstantial, vapid images and to direct them towards more positive, multi-dimensional female role models.

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