Truth in 140: ‘Maybe if you got with a mature woman instead of just the one who had the fattest ass, you wouldn’t be going thru the drama!’

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I have a friend named Pinks. She’s very near and dear to my heart. She will correct your grammar, curse you out and then seals the deal with a warm smile and a hug. Pinks routinely posts her raw honesty on twitter and I decided it would behoove the masses to collect and display her thoughts for the upward and forward progression of mankind. You’re welcome.

Editor’s Note: This particular soap box episode was sparked following a tweet-scussion of the tragic death of Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry. His death, after falling out of the back of a pickup truck during what police said was a domestic dispute with his fiancee. Pinks got a fire in her belly after some twitterers blamed the death on Henry’s fiance, calling her “crazy.”

OK maybe I’m not done. Black men, STOP claiming that ALL Black women are one way and all we do is curse and argue and fight

Maybe if you got with a mature woman instead of just the one who had the fattest ass, you wouldn’t be going thru the drama!

Stop filling women’s heads with lies and telling em you’re gonna do right by them when you know you’re not worth her time or heartache

i’m tired of men painting us all in one stroke with the same brush, same color, same everything.

a woman can be supportive of you and independent at the same damn time! y she gotta play a dummy to stroke your fragile ass ego?

stop chasing hoodrats whose only assets are their asses and START looking for a woman you can grow with

stop fucking women raw because it feels good, then bouncing when she gets pregnant..that makes you a cunt

and women, stop falling for a dude because he buys you Louie V, Gucci and shit..if you let him pay for/buy the pussy, you’re a whore

stop trying to change these men who obviously weren’t about shit when you met them; you’ll end up pregnant, burning or ALONE..maybe all 3

get your head out of your ass and learn to set thine own house in order before giving your precious life to an asshat

I was guilty of staying with a jackass for 4 yrs bc i didn’t love myself enough to leave..I wisened up and never looked back!

we all falter, we all make mistakes, but if you keep running into the same types of bad men/women YOU’RE the one who needs to make a change!

Yea I’m going in, but so what..some of y’all play fucking dumb then cry when you get treated like an idiot

that’s why it’s our job to teach our brothers, sons, cousins, nephews WHOMEVER, the right way from NOW!

and for you men thinking I’m the shit. If nothing I’ve said applies to you, forward my tweets to someone who can use em

Trust me, I know the difference between a quality man and a sack of shit, because I’ve been with both

it took me going to the depths of self-destruction and lack of self-love to see that i deserved better

I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to be, and that’s who I became. I’m not perfect, but I know how to love and how to be loved.

I know that I will never understand what it is to be a man, but I can make his burden a little less heavy. His struggle is OUR struggle

Submission to a man isn’t a bad thing when you submit your heart into his hands knowing he will not forsake you.

The trick, ladies, is giving your all to a man who deserves it. Don’t blame him for previous cats and don’t expect him to be perfect.

Get to know him and decide if he’s worthy of your love. If he is, pour all of it on him, and let him love you back!

Don’t block your blessing because of jerks in your past…they’re there for a reason. *stepping off soapbox*


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