If you don’t watch this show. You should.

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‘Modern Family’ on ABC

Every single character on this show is hilarious. My favorites are Gloria, Manny and Cameron.


‘Madre said’: The top ten quotes that reveal the facts of life

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10. “They look like stripper shoes! Get theeeemmmm!!!!!”
This is pretty self-explanatory. I tried on these great shoes for my 23rd birthday last year. I put them on, 5.5 inches. Green and gold and beautiful. My mother’s eyes brightened and she blurted this classic quote out. What lesson is learned here? Mamas probably got it poppin’ more than you whippersnappers.

9. “You done with that shirt? I’ll give you this bracelet.”
My mother shares and is very giving. She’s also in love with clothes and shopping, this is where I get it from. So if I like anything she’s wearing she immediately gives it to me….but if I happen to have something on she likes….Ah the art of barter and trade realized.

8. “I should just come out with you on New Year’s Eve so I can wear my outfit.”
You’re only as old as you feel and by my estimation my mother is 23.

7. Oh, you know “they” too?
You know that saying “they say this good” “they say eat your vegetables” “they say exercise” well my mother says
“They? Oh so you know ‘they’ too? Do “they” know you? I would appreciate a decision made by YOU. Who are “they” anyway?” Get a brain and backbone and stop subscribing to the BS. Geez!

6. “Who am I, the cat mother?”
I always loved this one. Whenever I referred to my mother in a sentence as “she,” “Well she’s there”…my mother would say this. She demanded respect and anything less is unacceptable.

5. “It will always look good to a man.”
We were discussing pregnancy and what consequently happens to a va-jay-jay in the aftermath. I said “it’ll be all ugly, and ugh!” To which my mother replied “oh please, it’ll always look good to a man.”

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:Laughing and clapping with glee:

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Editor’s Note: I instantly fell in love. You’re welcome.

I freakin’ love robot chicken!

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Just. Love. It.

Jersey Shore “Guidette”: “I feel this johwb is beneath me, I’m a bawtendah, I do, like, yknow, ghreht things.”

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I have never heard the term “Guidette” until tuning into the 2 hour long premiere of MTV’s new reality show “Jersey Shore.” Strangely enough, my co-worker from North Jersey knows two of the show’s cast mates.  I had no clue of the epic proportions tanning could surmount to. One of the girl’s was as dark or darker than me. That would be totally fine if she weren’t white. Well said girl, Snickers, Snookems, oh yea Snooki (ALL of the cast mates have “cool” nicknames by the way) is looking for her “Guido” because she considers herself “The Queen Guidette.” Isn’t that term derogatory? Well whatever, if they can say it then so can I right? right? Amid the arguments of the guys bringing “dirty whores” into the house and “The Situation” repeating his nickname 5 billion times, you get a feel of what the Jersey Shore Seaside vacation looks like. Starts with a ‘douche’ and ends with a ‘bag.’

Breaking News: ‘Tiger’ officially changes his name to ‘Cheetah’ and stars in music video

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Slowjam remix of the Tiger Woods voicemails he “allegedly” left for his side joint. Ok I’ll soon be off this but this was just too good!

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