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I have been traveling since I was born. No joke. My first plane ride was to my motherland Panama very shortly after I was born. I have to add, my grandmother said I was very good on the plane ride and everyone fawned over how great a plane riding baby I was. ::tosses hair, struts away::: I’ve done a little traveling since then and I will now make a list of places you should go to if you care about my opinion. Let’s begin. ( I will not rank Panama as I am biased and you should have went here like yesterday anyways)

Go here. Now.
1. Vienna – Simply magnificent. I can’t even describe the amazing-ness of this city and people.
2. London – Great town, some say it’s NYC with a British accent but it is very different. It’s charming and expensive…ok I just described NY…carry on.
3. Amsterdam – Not just for the red light district. Not just for the attractive tall, blond people. This city is super clean, super friendly and bike friendly.
4. Florence – Mini walkable town. Grandiose buildings and rich history you can truly feel.
5. Athens – So much to do and see and the subway is new and clean.
6. Venice – Good for an overnight trip. Don’t stay here for longer. It’s a small “city.”

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Be selfish

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“If I had to do it all over again, I would travel…maybe meet him… and have kids way later.”
– Joyce, an American tourist in Prague on her 44th wedding anniversary trip

This is exactly what I’m doing. Being a selfish twenty-something. Say something.

Globetrotter: Day 7

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I took a generous blogging hiatus with my traveling and such. Still here in Europe. After London, Amsterdam and Prague, I am currently in Vienna. What a beautiful city this is. Breath-taking. No joke. I am exploring and also talking to different people. I am discovering so much I never came across on my google searches on these countries and that is the personal voices and faces of the residents. I learned of the abundance of roti shops in Amsterdam from the Dutch locals who hail from Suriname and went salsa dancing amongst the Dominicans in Vienna. There is always a kebab shop wherever I go as well as Flo-rida’s annoying songs. Meeting and talking to people has really opened up a new part of traveling for me. I jet-setted through other cities during my study abroad stint 4 years ago and decided it was time for another.Thus, spawned this current trip. I felt like doing something special for my 24th birthday. I flew into London the day after. Solo. 10 days, 5 cities.
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Globetrotter: Day 2

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I am currently in Amsterdam. Landed and gallavanted in London yeserday. Rainy. cold, foggy but still amazing.

Save money on your leisure time

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Cut your leisure budget in half with these useful tips:

-Use the library – NY public library makes it convenient to request books and also renew books online. They also call you when the books become available
-Borrow from a friend

Food and fun
-Scour the web for coupon codes, is a good resource for this as well as – Get certificates to restuarants for a fraction of the price of a meal – Just as the title suggest this is essential for life deals – Group deals, around your area -from restaurants to retail stores – Deals from comedy shows, to sunset cruises, to teeth whitening and everything in between is not only a tool for making reservations quickly and conveniently, they also send you deals straight to your inbox
Buy With Me is great for pretty much ANY deal you can imagine! Even Bikram Yoga deals!

Buy used
-Thift store shopping – Salvation Army is good for this and every wednesday , items are half off! Half off $1 for a belt? I’m in!
-If you’re in the market for a car go to an auction! Some have been damaged but the cost plus repairs are always cheaper than buying brand new and in a lot of cases the cars are very current.

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Ain’t I a Woman?:”How are you shaping the definition of womanhood?”

September 1, 2010 at 10:47 AM | Posted in Hear me ROAR! | 1 Comment

I love finding gems of wisdom sprinkled amongst the talented populace of the X chromosome.
Arielle Loren writes about female masculinity and how we are socialized to narrowly define beauty in very specific hyper-feminine terms. Take a gander on her site.

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Free self-defense class for women in NYC

September 1, 2010 at 10:17 AM | Posted in Abs Fab, Don't be a Dummy | 1 Comment

I  found out about this martial arts duo on NY1’s “New Yorker of the week.” The report quoted  that “Dan Anderson and Dasha Libin were encouraged by an FBI statistic that reported 84% of women who fought back against would-be attackers, escape.” I was moved by the woman’s story. She said had she had these skills before, she is sure she would not have been as badly hurt as she was. I think it is a matter of life and death for women to learn a few crucial self-defense techniques. I did a google search to find out more about the free self defense classes available. Watch the report:

Self-defense class information:

(October 29 and December 3, 2010; February 25, April 15, and June 24, 2011, 7PM-9PM)
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