The Dominican Republic: Pure Hospitality

October 2, 2011 at 7:54 PM | Posted in Faces Abroad, Globetrotter | Leave a comment

Newly adopted Dominican Family

My reason for venturing off to Santo Domingo was for research, my reason for a swift return is for the warmth; the weather and the people. I felt right at home as soon as I stepped off the plane and into the hug of an excited seven year old. It was the daughter of my host Altagracia. I decided to rent out one of her room on airbnb. I felt to get the most authentic and inside look into the country for my research and for my own experiences, staying with a local was the best way to go. Alta had two daughters and they were amazed by an American coming to visit. Alta lived about 15 minutes from the city center in Sabana Perdida. Her neighbors were just as amazed of an American coming to visit and not opting to stay in a fancy hotel. Alta made sure that I was accompanied everywhere I went, whether it was her or her neighbor, Jhordis, a 14-year old girl that I initially thought was in her 20’s. She took me to all the places I wanted to go.

It is such a tight knit community oriented environment in the Dominican Republic. One looks after the other, who looks after the other. Everyone is their brother’s keeper and…Continue reading on The Dominican Republic: Pure hospitality – New York International Travel |



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