Hi-Def: Boy Virginia Made Takes Over Europe

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Born and bred in Norfolk Virginia, Tommy C. headed overseas to pursue his dream of acting after acquiring his Bachelor’s degree at Temple University. How did he fare? He’ll tell you in his Hi-Def story. Check out more of these stories over on Planet Phenomenal.


How to Avoid the Possible New Airline Fees

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George Hobica, founder of the travel website Airfarewatchdog.com, drafted a list of possible new charges airlines may adopt this year, some of which he said are already active in the U.S. and Europe. Want to get ahead of the curve and prepare yourself on how to avoid those imaginary pesky fees airlines may tack on? Follow this guide.

Leave your baby at home
That’ll save you 30 bucks each way to hold your baby on your lap.

Check in on-line or at a kiosk
To eschew the In-person check-in fee to check in with an airline employee.

Don’t transfer your ticket
Airlines may charge a fee to transfer a non-refundable ticket to someone else.

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Black Americans DO have a culture

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I had a provocative discussion with my friends @lovemecca and @chewchronicles about the amazing book “The Book of Night Women.” We discussed our love for the book and the plot and storyline along with issues brought up in the book. The conversation turned to colonization, culture and finally race relations as it pertained to the two aforementioned topics. The book was about slaves in Jamaica and the history of the island’s colonization. My Ghanaian girlfriend, read the book and said the book was probably a biography of her family. It talked about the Ashanti tribe and there was even a town in Jamaica that was similar to her last name. She recently went to Jamaica with the book and was telling a waiter about it and he tuned out and walked away when she spoke about the slave history. In another incident she said a Jamaican lady she knows says “Jamaica is such a backwards country, I am British.”

I told Steven and Mecca some West Indians (not all) would be more apt to claim they are the nationality of their colonizers than admit they are descendants of African slaves, some even go as far as to not even acknowledge they are Black, I said it’s because they resent being grouped in with Black Americans. Steven said, The Black American experience is NOT the (only) Black Experience. I agreed. I have seen this shocking phenomena time and time again. I have never heard a Black American refer to themselves as English or British. The insanity needs to stop. Blacks in their respective colonized countries did not spring from the mountains, they were brought there some way or another. I simply cringe and die inside (sometimes my Haitian girlfriend and I laugh and point) whenever I hear a Haitian refer to themselves as French or a Jamaican say they’re British. Legitimately, there ARE Haitians and Jamaicans born in those respective countries but that fact does not apply to those who do this.

Steven and Mecca said it is similar to the Black American phenomena of claiming Indian (Native-American) in their blood. They went on to both say that the true story is a lot of slaves were raped, thus Black Americans do tend to be mixed with European blood, and it may be less painful to illustrate that a grandparent took up with a Native American (which did happen, although not as much as people may describe) versus saying their great grandmother was raped by a slave-master. Expounding on this, I added that the question “are you fully black” makes absolutely no sense because the Black race is such an inherently mixed race, given colonization, the slave trade and the diaspora, that the concept doesn’t even exist anymore, and hasn’t existed for a very long time. I said really, Black Americans should start taking more ownership of their culture. There is an established Black American culture and it should be celebrated, not diminished.
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These men call BS on ‘Top 10: Things You Lose When You Commit’

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I came across this article on AskMen.com about exactly what the name says. The things men lose when they enter a serious relationship.

This is it in list form:
10. Your female friends
9. Your weekends
8. Your casual fun
7. Your self-indulgences
6. Your exit
5. Your financial independence
4. Your options
3. Your own plans
2. Your space
1. Your identity

I asked the men of twitter and the majority disagreed. @InsanityReport said the article would be more accurately named ’10 Things Men Worry About Losing’ since it was written in such “a frat boy, amateurish way.” He went on to say some of the points in the article in a way made sense but “some of it isn’t necessarily bad or limited to just men but there are some things men fear losing.”

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I think I’m turning Viennese

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Ah. Vienna. The extravagance, the magnificence, the wonder. I’m not exaggerating, this city deserves all these verbs and more. Vienna came after Prague. When I was planning out my trip I said “hmmmmm…since I won’t be going to Bad Durkheim for the wine festival this year where should I visit?” Brussels was a strong option and Zurich was a close second. “How about Vienna?” my co-worker chimed in. Oh Vienna eh? Might be fun. My co-worker went on to say a friend of his went to visit family there and was blown away. Didn’t take more persuasion than that. “Vienna it is!” I exclaimed. Plus it was a cheap bus trip from Prague and a cheap train ride into Munich. Booked!
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Getting the cheapest airline ticket

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The cost of flying is steadily rising, don’t get left behind, here are a few simple tricks to getting a cheaper ticket.

Buy a ticket on Tuesday afternoon

It’s cheaper. Just try it.

Buy a ticket at obscene hours of the nights

This works. I’ve seen the price for a particular flight jump up $100 from 2a.m. to 10a.m.

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Welcome to Planet Phenomenal

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See more at Venus Genus

Ladies, can we get real for a sec here?

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Stop committing these offenses. NOW!

Not wearing your correct make-up color
Why anyone would want to look like Casper is beyond me, but can we please stop the madness? That concealer is stark white and so is your foundation. This is not OK. Match your foundation to your skin or if you’re in between go the next shade up not down. It looks horrid. Trust me.

Not wearing your size
We can all agree there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to clothing size. A size 8 in one brand is not the same in another. So for the love of all things right why don’t you ignore the size label and buy what fits. No one will know except you! Stop letting senseless vanity cloud your comfort…and mine for that matter.

Knowing good and well those heels need to be fixed or dumped
Hey I’m guilty of it too. Wearing those amazing heels til the silver in the heel pokes out. But c’mon it’s time to take it to the shoemaker or give it up.

Knowing good and well you are freezing
I know women sacrifice a lot for style and beauty and personally I am convinced that coat manufacturers are in cahoots with the pharmacy industry because they purposely make woman’s coats not warm. But in any case, it’s winter. It’s cold. Wear sleeves. Wear pants. It’s ok, he’ll still notice your booty dazzling personality
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If you’re cool, you’d do this

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Go see the amazing talents of Dike Uzoukwu

Unconventional Accommodations

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AirBnb allows users to search for accommodations via postings from locals of their particular destination. You can find people renting out rooms in their apartments or renting out whole studios, apartments and condos as well as listings for dorm rooms and bed and breakfasts. You request the room and the owner of the property confirms or denies your request. User-friendly, convenient and offers another option to hostels and hotels with a local flair.

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