How to Avoid the Possible New Airline Fees

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George Hobica, founder of the travel website, drafted a list of possible new charges airlines may adopt this year, some of which he said are already active in the U.S. and Europe. Want to get ahead of the curve and prepare yourself on how to avoid those imaginary pesky fees airlines may tack on? Follow this guide.

Leave your baby at home
That’ll save you 30 bucks each way to hold your baby on your lap.

Check in on-line or at a kiosk
To eschew the In-person check-in fee to check in with an airline employee.

Don’t transfer your ticket
Airlines may charge a fee to transfer a non-refundable ticket to someone else.

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Bargainista tips: Never pay full price again

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Check prices at obscene times of the night
This goes double for flights and hotel rooms. Try 1a.m., 2a.m. 3a.m. and on.

Utilize google
E-bay. Amazon. A plethora of resources starts with one click. Enough said

Ask someone

If they know of any sales. You may even luck out and they may have the item you’re seeking. This has happened to me a few times. I was looking for a specific appliance or clothing item and presto the person had an extra one or gently used one.
Check for discount codes

Check your job for discounts

A lot of corporate jobs have employee discounts on pretty much anything under the sun. Discounted cell bill. Check. Discounted show tickets, check. Discounted car, check. (not even kidding)

Shop off-season
I buy winter clothing in the summer and summer clothing in the winter. Why? Because seasons happen. Winter will eventually come and those ca-yute designer boots I have on. Yup. 20 bucks. ::saunters away::

Check the web for discount codes
If you know the specific item, you may be able to get a discount code someone posted. It works for Broadway plays and online shopping

Don’t only shop when you have “something to do”
I really cannot stand when people buy outfits for specific occasions. Do you not have anything in your closet? That’s what a closet is for. Clothes. A variety of clothes. Build your closet and buy when you like something. You don’t always need a specific event to buy that Tina turner inspired dress. Live! Something will come up. Sheesh!
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Let’s talk about debt, bay-bee

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Debt is a choice. Yes, a choice. I went to college. I accumulated lots of it. That was my choice. The average student debt is 25K. Ha! I WISH that was all I had, but I made my bed and now I’m laying in it. With coupons.

My parents cringe when I tell them how much I pay out in loan repayments every month. They don’t want to see me suffer like this. They wouldn’t have made this choice for me. But I made the decision and looking back, I would probably feign orphanage to get more financial aid do it again. Definitely with a few smarter adjustments but those were growing pains. My stubborn nature ignored all the parental forewarning about debt upon embarking on my college career. Now I have to deal with it. And I am. My reward was a degree from a kick-ass university, and experiences that have invaluably shaped my perspective on life. I am lucky enough to have found a job in my major, that I love, in a city I love, that allows me to live independently, not even look at Ramen noodles as a food choice and pays all my bills and then some. I don’t go a day without counting my blessings. I appreciate it greatly!!! Now were there alternatives that I could have taken to avoid all this debt? Absolutely! Go to a local college, live at home, or go to a community college for two years and then go to a university the last two years. Or just do community college/cheaper college all four years. I didn’t want to. I wanted to go big and not stay home.

My initial list consisted of VERY expensive out of state schools. My parents looked at it, blinked and laughed. “YOU WANNA GO WHERE??? ROFL” (If they knew what “ROFL” meant they would have said it 5 billion times) They said ‘that list better have ALL in-state schools and fast.’  They said one year at one of my out-of-state schools was two years at a state school that is just as good in my major. I thought about it and agreed. I got accepted to college, got little financial aid, a rinky dink scholarship and TONS of loan debt. I can’t complain though. I technically didn’t have to get a degree. But I did, I lived the dream and continue to do so. I experienced college life and I learned. Oh I learned, the hard way at that. I can proudly say I grew a hell of a lot more responsible with money. Oh believe that. I have long term and short term pay down plans, I consolidate, I cut out waste, I look for other streams of revenue, I have a 401K, I have a few savings accounts, I am on my bank account statements like white on rice, I pay down balances.

I can no longer be called the overdraft queen as my father called me in college. Every time I called him with another overdraft sob story he chastised me but still helped me out. But the last time he refused, he didn’t help me. “I’m not doing it, you are giving away all your money to the bank, just giving away your money.” I’ll tell you one thing. I didn’t overdraft after that day. I referred to all my father’s fiscal advice and applied it.  The smartest thing I’ve ever done to date, was listen to Daddy SaveBucks. Yea, I made some mistakes but I am SO GLAD I made those mistakes sooner rather than later. It’s no one’s fault but my own.

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Do you like vintage? Do you like free stuff? Do this then

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Save money on your leisure time

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Cut your leisure budget in half with these useful tips:

-Use the library – NY public library makes it convenient to request books and also renew books online. They also call you when the books become available
-Borrow from a friend

Food and fun
-Scour the web for coupon codes, is a good resource for this as well as – Get certificates to restuarants for a fraction of the price of a meal – Just as the title suggest this is essential for life deals – Group deals, around your area -from restaurants to retail stores – Deals from comedy shows, to sunset cruises, to teeth whitening and everything in between is not only a tool for making reservations quickly and conveniently, they also send you deals straight to your inbox
Buy With Me is great for pretty much ANY deal you can imagine! Even Bikram Yoga deals!

Buy used
-Thift store shopping – Salvation Army is good for this and every wednesday , items are half off! Half off $1 for a belt? I’m in!
-If you’re in the market for a car go to an auction! Some have been damaged but the cost plus repairs are always cheaper than buying brand new and in a lot of cases the cars are very current.

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“Oh well, he making mo’ money than you”

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I have heard this mantra time and time again. It got me thinking, at what point does money trump integrity, morals and beliefs? At what point do we stop caring about what is right for what is green?
“Oh my Gawd, I can’t believe my former pastor is now a stripper.” Oh well, she making dat money.” HUH?

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