Black Latinos: We are not invisible

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Coming to PBS beginning April 19, 2011 – BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA
Finally! Thank you! The truth shall set you free! The Latino culture was borne from African slaves. Emancipate yourselves and WATCH!

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Stop letting things get to you

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A few practices that I have incorporated into my life to retain peace, and sanity when navigating life amongst annoying human beings.

Stop taking things personal
Not everything is an attack on you. Sometimes the situation that you’re getting upset about actually may have absolutely nothing to do with you. When you stop thinking it’s about you, it’s easier to put things in perspective.

Stop taking things so seriously
Have a sense of humor. Being uptight only hurts you. As with not taking things personal, stop.

Stop engaging
Someone makes a snooty remark? Someone trying to start a fight at the club? Someone calling you at the very time you told them NOT to call. Choose to not engage. Don’t respond. Don’t answer the phone. You can do so much more by doing nothing at all. Most times it’s not worth your time, cool or your sanity to respond to every comment, call, or challenge.

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Join our next BKBB meeting!

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Spreading knowledge, it's the BKBB way

Sparking discussion, it’s the Brooklyn way

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Brooklyn Book Buddies in less than 2 weeks! JOIN US!

“I like sharing with you.”

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We sat waiting for our food. This brunch spot was West-Indian and island slow. He picked up his knife and fork and simulated riotous hunger. I laughed a little too loudly. Our food came. I’m greedy. I took two bites of my eggs then immediately swiped one of his maduros, then helped myself to a piece his steak. “Mmmm this is so good.” Then I realized my crude gluttony. “I’m sorry, is that annoying?”
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If you’re cool. You’d do this.

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Read this book. Now. Seriously

April 8, 2010 at 10:02 AM | Posted in Abs Fab, I support this | 1 Comment

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Top 10 reasons why work NEVER stresses me out

February 18, 2010 at 3:25 PM | Posted in Do something whydoncha, Don't be a Dummy, Higher Definition, I support this, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

10. Panic is pointless
I am more likely to keep my cool than not, simply because panic and stress offers no real solution except panic and stress. It is inefficacious of any form or fashion of progress. Freaking out does not solve the problem nor does it make the process go smoothly. It’s more logical to identify the problem, sort through what needs to be done and get on with it already!

9. I’ll respect you
I respect everyone because we are all human. Respect is a freebie from me. Worthy until proven unworthy.

8. I don’t care about your attitude
I’m cordial and pleasant to everyone. I acknowledge and speak to everyone I work with. If a colleague chooses to have an attitude that’s their business, not mine. I’ll carry the same tune I had before and after your venom.
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The man himself: Oscar de la Renta

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I have loved Oscar de la Renta ever since my mother ripped a picture of one of his beautiful designs out of Vogue, and went searching for the right materials along with my grandmother to create my prom dress. And she did. Beautifully. So imagine my excitement when six years later I’m in his office and telling him the story and showing him the picture of the magazine tear out (yes i saved it for 6 years) and showing him pictures of my prom dress.
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An X signifies being crossed out. From my life.

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We all have exes. Ex-boyfriends, ex-flings, ex-friends ex-acquintances. I can honestly say I have no regrets about past relationships, friendly, romantic, professional or otherwise. While I don’t believe in burning bridges I don’t believe in looking back either. I like to keep it moving in one fluid direction. I don’t think you should entirely eliminate your past from your present but there’s a reason why they are past. You have moved past them, and the situation that afforded their presence in your life. I do believe in second chances but I am slow to dole them out. Extremely slow. Especially if their exodus was on less than pleasant terms.

I had an ex try to rekindle a flame that was long extinguised. We went to lunch and he kept pressing me for information on my love life. I was slightly disgusted at his gall and laughed off his persistence. I’m no fool, I know this “friendly lunch” was going to take a turn for the worst if I entertained the bull. That’s none of your business sir and it will never be.  After lunch, we parted ways. He reached out. I rejected. I’m open to being civil, cordial, and even friendly with an ex, I am on good terms with all exes of mine, but romantic? Not at all. What for?

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