“I like sharing with you.”

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We sat waiting for our food. This brunch spot was West-Indian and island slow. He picked up his knife and fork and simulated riotous hunger. I laughed a little too loudly. Our food came. I’m greedy. I took two bites of my eggs then immediately swiped one of his maduros, then helped myself to a piece his steak. “Mmmm this is so good.” Then I realized my crude gluttony. “I’m sorry, is that annoying?”
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If you’re cool. You’d do this.

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“I can be bad all by myself” Yea…but why would you want to?

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@MrPeteyWheat: It’s all fun and games until there’s no one around to help you with the stroller down those 2 flights of steps.

“I need Daddy and Daddy needs me, it’s the only way this family can work.” -Madre

I can be bad all by myself. I take issue with that statement. I have a problem with it. We now live in a society where it is a constant battle of the sexes. It is an eternal back and forth between men and women on who needs the other less. I don’t need a man for this; I don’t need a woman for that. Truth is. Yes you do. I need people to understand men and women are different. We were created that way purposely. No one inferior than the other. Ying and yang. Harmony. Balance. We are equally important but NOT the same. (And to this end, double-standards will remain, but that’s another post for another time)

Humankind cannot survive without the womb and a woman’s womb cannot create without the man. By simple biology men and women need each other, so what makes any other aspect of life exempt from this idea?

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Read this book. Now. Seriously

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