Ladies, sometimes you just gotta…SHUT UP!

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Beeb and I were in the car in front of my place when I suddenly remembered I needed some lettuce and fruit for tomorrow’s green smoothie. I asked him to take me around to the local market to get them, at the exact moment it started pouring. He drove up as close as possible to the front of the market. I was gearing up to take an Olympic leap over the curb and dash straight in. I started in for the door handle as he opened his door, “I’ll get the umbrella in the trunk” he said. “Oh it’s ok, I’ll just run in, I—”
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Know any Phenomenal Women?

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Planet Phenomenal

The stupid BS some guys do

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10. “And since a man can’t make one, [baby] he has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one.”
My body. NOT yours. Thanks.

9. Not shutting up!
You can cause more harm by not quitting while you’re behind. You can win more battles by what you don’t say. If what is coming out of your mouth next borders on the unintelligible, PLEASE for the love of all that’s right in the world, just shut it!

8. Only dating the dregs of femalekind then lambasting ALL women as such
Slim Thug, I’m looking at you. I really can’t get offended anymore when men make these sweeping statements portraying all women in every negative light. I feel sorry for them because it speaks on how low they think of themselves to actually date and mate with these cretins.
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Join our next BKBB meeting!

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Spreading knowledge, it's the BKBB way

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