The stupid BS some guys do

July 8, 2010 at 2:16 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, As A Man, Boys! Boys! Boys!, Love, Dating & Relationships | 5 Comments

10. “And since a man can’t make one, [baby] he has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one.”
My body. NOT yours. Thanks.

9. Not shutting up!
You can cause more harm by not quitting while you’re behind. You can win more battles by what you don’t say. If what is coming out of your mouth next borders on the unintelligible, PLEASE for the love of all that’s right in the world, just shut it!

8. Only dating the dregs of femalekind then lambasting ALL women as such
Slim Thug, I’m looking at you. I really can’t get offended anymore when men make these sweeping statements portraying all women in every negative light. I feel sorry for them because it speaks on how low they think of themselves to actually date and mate with these cretins.

7. Forgetting for the first few dates…it is NOT…I repeat…NOT about them!
Any argument to counter this point will fall on deaf ears. I don’t care what planet you are living on, when you are couritng or dating a woman that has your interest, if she wants to throw a frisbee around on the Hudson for 2 hours you better be down for it. In the beginning it is about what SHE wants, then you can work in your interests thereafter. Please understand you will get what YOU want and much more if you take heed.

6. Taking my number, calling 67899 months later, then getting offended/confused/hurt when I don’t know who the hell they are!
I never understood the “wait to call game.” Obviously you weren’t really that interested. It’s fine. But if you are interested and you don’t show interest, then guess what? I sure as hell am not interested. Especially if you’re the one who initially asked for my number. You haven’t created a spot in my life to hold me accountable to remember your existence. BYE BOY.

5. Calling me out of my name, when you don’t even know me like that!
“Sexy”, “Beautiful”, “Sweetie”, may seem like terms of endearments or compliments, but guess what? I like the name my mother gave me. Use it until further notice. Babe.

4. Divulging financial information!
Just stop! I don’t care! I know my own finances and that’s enough for me. Either way it’s just tacky.

3. Commenting on my body when I didn’t ask, and once again when you don’t even know me like that!
I don’t care if you feel you’re giving me a compliment, spare me and yourself. Keep it close to the vest until we reach that level.

2. Not being able to engage me in conversation but still attempting to (and then expecting me to pick up YOUR linguistic slack)!
Yea, yea, yea men all boo-hoo-hoo it’s just “so tough” to approach a woman, so if it’s so tough shouldn’t you have some bomb material to use when you actually DO approach that woman who caught your eye? I didn’t ask for this lame discourse. Just remain in that corner. SMH.

1. Not believing me and subsequently making a fool of themselves when I say I’m not interested!
Dude, c’mon. There’s someone for everyone, but that person is just not me. I’m incredulous as to how every man thinks he is desirable to every woman! My “not interested” is playing “hard to get” ?? NOOOO!! I think you’re not getting that you need to exit stage left and never return. This game is exhausting!

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