Jersey Shore “Guidette”: “I feel this johwb is beneath me, I’m a bawtendah, I do, like, yknow, ghreht things.”

December 4, 2009 at 1:16 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, I can't, LMfreakingAO | 1 Comment

I have never heard the term “Guidette” until tuning into the 2 hour long premiere of MTV’s new reality show “Jersey Shore.” Strangely enough, my co-worker from North Jersey knows two of the show’s cast mates.  I had no clue of the epic proportions tanning could surmount to. One of the girl’s was as dark or darker than me. That would be totally fine if she weren’t white. Well said girl, Snickers, Snookems, oh yea Snooki (ALL of the cast mates have “cool” nicknames by the way) is looking for her “Guido” because she considers herself “The Queen Guidette.” Isn’t that term derogatory? Well whatever, if they can say it then so can I right? right? Amid the arguments of the guys bringing “dirty whores” into the house and “The Situation” repeating his nickname 5 billion times, you get a feel of what the Jersey Shore Seaside vacation looks like. Starts with a ‘douche’ and ends with a ‘bag.’


Ummm sir why are you STILL talking…?

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So you’re walking down the street, minding your own biz, bopping to your ipod, jamming down in your head and then a crazed looney aka-man accosts you looking all kinds of deranged, or maybe not even deranged but the fact remains he accosted you. He immediately starts talking and expects an answer to his inaudible but most of the time unintelligible question. I do the polite thing and say nothing, continue bopping on down the road. He continues to talk, now getting progressively louder. You are now way ahead of him. He is now shouting. You are now a block away. He is now spewing profanity. Does this bother you? Yea I didn’t think so. Me either, this Lady Gaga track is fi-yah!

But please sir for future reference, my silence is your cue to shut the hell up! You have now embarrassed yourself by talking to no one. Seek help.

Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater

December 2, 2009 at 7:20 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, I can't, I can't support this, I have had enough, Over it, UGH! | Leave a comment

Another man cheats on wife. Snooze. Can these men at least be a little bit better at cheating for their sanity and the sanity of their golf club weilding wives? It’s enough already. Cheating is not new. It won’t go away. So let’s get over it. Just try to keep you indescretions discrete. At least for my sake, cuz I’m tired of hearing another “Dumb Cheater” story.

This is what the world is coming to???!?!?!

December 2, 2009 at 5:28 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, I can't, I have had enough, Jail Bait, Seriously?, Snooze | 1 Comment

Bonjour mon amies,

I’m going to give this another go. I miss writing. I miss sharing my thoughts. I really can’t stand this ‘New Moon’ hysteria seriously. I have had enough! Maybe I just need an outlet to blog about how horrible that movie and it’s predecessor looks/is? C’mon! people will fall for ANY-THING. Put one or two mildly attractive tweens/teens, sprinkle media hype and PRESTO even the housewives get all hot and bothered. These kids are what? 12, 13? Underaged nevertheless and probably the same age as your son. Get a life. The acting in that movie looked so bad in the first one I couldn’t even sit through the commercials…  I don’t get it.  I should make my own crappy movie for 11 bucks get PerezHilton to get his panties in a bunch over the leading man and make me some millions.  I have had enough.

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