I think I’m turning Viennese

January 22, 2011 at 7:38 PM | Posted in Face Abroad, Globetrotter | Leave a comment

Ah. Vienna. The extravagance, the magnificence, the wonder. I’m not exaggerating, this city deserves all these verbs and more. Vienna came after Prague. When I was planning out my trip I said “hmmmmm…since I won’t be going to Bad Durkheim for the wine festival this year where should I visit?” Brussels was a strong option and Zurich was a close second. “How about Vienna?” my co-worker chimed in. Oh Vienna eh? Might be fun. My co-worker went on to say a friend of his went to visit family there and was blown away. Didn’t take more persuasion than that. “Vienna it is!” I exclaimed. Plus it was a cheap bus trip from Prague and a cheap train ride into Munich. Booked!
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