Ladies, can we get real for a sec here?

January 19, 2011 at 5:51 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, Don't be a Dummy | 3 Comments

Stop committing these offenses. NOW!

Not wearing your correct make-up color
Why anyone would want to look like Casper is beyond me, but can we please stop the madness? That concealer is stark white and so is your foundation. This is not OK. Match your foundation to your skin or if you’re in between go the next shade up not down. It looks horrid. Trust me.

Not wearing your size
We can all agree there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to clothing size. A size 8 in one brand is not the same in another. So for the love of all things right why don’t you ignore the size label and buy what fits. No one will know except you! Stop letting senseless vanity cloud your comfort…and mine for that matter.

Knowing good and well those heels need to be fixed or dumped
Hey I’m guilty of it too. Wearing those amazing heels til the silver in the heel pokes out. But c’mon it’s time to take it to the shoemaker or give it up.

Knowing good and well you are freezing
I know women sacrifice a lot for style and beauty and personally I am convinced that coat manufacturers are in cahoots with the pharmacy industry because they purposely make woman’s coats not warm. But in any case, it’s winter. It’s cold. Wear sleeves. Wear pants. It’s ok, he’ll still notice your booty dazzling personality

Knowing good and well you cannot walk in those heels. TAKE THEM OFF!
I’m a heel advocate. Yes I am, but let’s admit that they are not for everyone. If you find yourself hobbling, take them off and leave the strutting to us. Thanks.

Knowing good and well no one wants your man but pretending everyone’s “just jealous”
I will say no more

Knowing good and well you need some spanx under that dress
I’m an advocate of the spanks or the cut off hosiery or the black spandex boy short. Use it. Or lose that outfit.

Knowing good and well you needed a bra or a new one at that
Please find a VS and get measured. This catastrophe has got to end.

Knowing good and well you should be wearing a tunic over those leggings
Stop wearing short shirts with leggings! I can see everything I don’t need to see. These are made for long shirts and tunics that cover all your unmentionables. Leggings are not slacks or jeans or trousers stop treating them as such.



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  1. Yes, yes, agree on all accounts.

  2. “Knowing good and well”…lol I can’t with you Dash…

  3. Amen!

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