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September 24, 2010 at 10:36 AM | Posted in Globetrotter | 11 Comments

I have been traveling since I was born. No joke. My first plane ride was to my motherland Panama very shortly after I was born. I have to add, my grandmother said I was very good on the plane ride and everyone fawned over how great a plane riding baby I was. ::tosses hair, struts away::: I’ve done a little traveling since then and I will now make a list of places you should go to if you care about my opinion. Let’s begin. ( I will not rank Panama as I am biased and you should have went here like yesterday anyways)

Go here. Now.
1. Vienna – Simply magnificent. I can’t even describe the amazing-ness of this city and people.
2. London – Great town, some say it’s NYC with a British accent but it is very different. It’s charming and expensive…ok I just described NY…carry on.
3. Amsterdam – Not just for the red light district. Not just for the attractive tall, blond people. This city is super clean, super friendly and bike friendly.
4. Florence – Mini walkable town. Grandiose buildings and rich history you can truly feel.
5. Athens – So much to do and see and the subway is new and clean.
6. Venice – Good for an overnight trip. Don’t stay here for longer. It’s a small “city.”

Go here in a little while.
1. Paris – It’s everything you ever heard of. Absolutely gorgeous city. Not a friendly place though.
2. Munich – Oktoberfest. Need I say more? OK, I will…Bike-able and it’s fun to ring your bike bell and scream “Schnell Schnell!!!” to the elderly. But be careful, don’t go here with an Amsterdam-like mentality. The police and locals don’t play games with their rules.
3. Belize – Caye Caulker Island. Swam with stingrays, white sands. Camped at Monkey Bay and helped a school with the most beautiful kids on the planet. It’s un-Belize-able!
4. Dublin – These people have GOT to be the warmest people alive. Food and tea were being stuffed down my throat every two seconds. The Emerald Isle is a fitting name and the sheep that dotted the almost vertical mountains were pretty cool.
5. Figueres, Spain- Town where Salvador Dali lived. He’s my favorite and this town is a hidden gem. His house and museum are there and it is worth a visit. It’s a small town away from the tourists, and has an old Spain feel.

Go here. In a little more while.
1. Rome – Meh. It was cool.
2. Prague – Exquisite sights. Not as friendly as other cities.
3. Bahamas – Beach, sand, Bahama mama.

I’m never setting foot in this town again.
1. Milan – Sort of an eye sore. One Milan native I met in NYC said the same thing. He was born and raised there and wanted out.
2. Harlem (just kidding, no I’m not, yes I am -_-)
3. Barcelona – Beautiful city and I will not take that away from it but lightweight creepy, kind of shady and just a little unsettling.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more about Barcelona…it had a very eery vibe…and I won’t blame that on the architecture…I just felt very unsafe.

    I couldn’t disagree more about Rome…the history…the nightlife…the sites…the food…the MEN…nuff said.

    • The men stalking you? Oh you like that ok. You like it, I love it! ROFL.

  2. I’m sad that Rome made the “Go Here. In a little more while” list lol. I’m a little biased though. I studied abroad there and it was my first experience in Europe so it holds a special place in my heart. Great list though. You have me wanting to take a trip in the very near future.

    • Yea, it didn’t wow me as much as the other cities that’s why it was put into that category. I’m not taking anything away from its beauty but I was more amazed by the others ranked higher. Maybe a second trip will change my mind. Let’s do it!

  3. Very nice, I’m impressed. Going to have to step up my traveling game. I’m going to Bahamas in April ’11. However, I’ve been to most of the American Virgin Islands & St. Maarten so I feel like that won’t really “wow” me. Need to find my way to Europe.

  4. Yes you do sir and tickets are just the same as the islands. I’ll sign you up for my Oktoberfest 2011 crew. The list is filling up fast!

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  6. LMAO @ that Harlem comment. DEEEEEEEEAD! LOLOL

  7. Love your blog! When’s your next trip to Europe? And can I tag along? Looks like you had a great time in all your adventures. I don’t know if I have the guts to go to Europe alone but I’m considering it now.

    • Haha but of course! I’m thinking next year. And of course you have the guts to go solo. Just do it!

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