Lookin’ like a FOOL with your pants on the ground

February 5, 2010 at 6:48 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, Boys! Boys! Boys!, Don't be a Dummy, Please don't be "that guy", Seriously? | 3 Comments

Inside my brain when I spot “pants on the ground”

Ewwww…You look like a scumbag. Why is your whole entire ass out? You don’t feel that draft? No? You don’t have a problem the thin material that is your underwear is feeble protection from the elements. Don’t you feel that cold germy subway seat on your ass? As a full grown man, you don’t care that everyone sees your underwear? Is it comfortable waddling like that all day? Do you feel cool reaching down to your ankles to grab your wallet? Do girls like that? Cuz I know women sure don’t.

And what’s the point of that belt? You put on a belt and then scooch down the waistband to your knees? Just asking. I don’t get it. Who told you that looked cool? A rapper? A jailbird? A rapper turned jail bird? Did you know this evolved from prison? Do you even care? How old are you anyway? You’re still so easily influenced by utter foolishness? Why? No one cared enough to tell you to take pride in yourself and appearance? Do you even have any pride? I know you have no shame because you show your almost bare bottom to everyone on the daily. Which brings me back to my original question, isn’t your butt cold?

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  1. lol…I am totally agreeing with everything you just said…I mean I honestly never got the whole cool thing with having your boxers showing….if a girls thong or underwear is showing she is classfied as a slut but when a guy does it…it is somehow labeled cool???

  2. Ha ha ha I think the same exact thing. Its funny, one day I decided while I was home to try wearing my pants off my ass to see how it feels, and it wasn’t comfortable. Like I cant understand how you can walk around all day w/ your pants sagging..you feel them there! Come on son…what happened to respecting yourself?

    And shame on the females in their lives who think its okay and ignores it when their boy dresses that way. FOH! They’re scumbags too! When you stop givin them the time of day and stop glorifying douchebags like Lil Wayne, we’ll start gettin somewhere. Till then, do not approach me w/ your young man mentality cz I will shut you down.

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