‘Madre said’…Partie Deux

February 8, 2010 at 5:53 AM | Posted in I support this, Soapbox in the Raw | 6 Comments

Editor’s Note: My mother’s words of wisdom are front and center AGAIN, as if they had anywhere else to go.

5. “Wear different coats, you don’t want to be known as ‘that girl that wears the purple jacket, that’s embarrassing.'”
My mother believes in taking pride in your appearance and keeping your wardrobe fresh. She said she hates seeing people wear the same winter coat over and over for the whole entire season. Those that do will be doomed to the aforementioned fate.

4. “Don’t ever tell someone they gained weight. Because if you noticed, they noticed.”
I gained 45 pounds during my undergrad years. Yes you read right 45. That’s a lot right? That’s sick. I lost 35 of it last year because my mother asked me to go on a diet with her. I knew I wasn’t the same sports every season skinny mini I was in high school and although my family was less that discrete in their gym suggestions, they were never cruel because if they noticed my third chin, they knew I was looking at it everyday too.

3. “We abuse you because then nothing anyone says in the world will affect you because you’ll be like “Ppsssh my mother says worse.”
My parents were tough as nails on us growing up. They took no mess and were the last to baby us. They were ruthless. I pointed this out to my mother in high school and her appropriate response was this quote. It’s totally true though, I could care less what the water cooler is saying because I endured much worse torture as a toddler.

2. “Once you truly love yourself, nothing anyone ever says will affect you. It will just roll right off your back.”
Ummm…this is self-explanatory. Love yourself first and the rest is secondary.

1. “I need Daddy and he needs me. I’m not afraid to say it. We need each other.”
My mother and I had a conversation on raising children in a two parent household, she explained the crucial importance of a dual parent home. She said she could never understood those women who professed “I don’t need a man, I don’t need a man” because as she said, she needs my father and vice versa. She needs her husband to raise the kids THEY made and live the life they created. Not to mention his kids needed him. My mother strongly believes that children need to be raised by a mother and a father and the mutual acknowledgement of the importance in each of their roles is crucial in parenting.

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  1. Mrs. Rebecca seconds 5 and 4.
    along with …
    ” everyone can use a little makeup when leaving the house… i don’t care how pretty you are.. there’s never too much beauty..”

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  6. Numbers 3 – 1 are so true.
    You should listen to your Mom, she knows her stuff.


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