How Will You be Received in the Country You’re Traveling To?

October 2, 2011 at 7:46 PM | Posted in Faces Abroad, Globetrotter | Leave a comment

Brazilian Boys at Oktoberfest

As a traveler, making friends and building connections are essential and oftentimes makes or breaks your travel experience. Travel affords the great opportunity to build a world-wide network as well as make interesting love connections. If you feel you’re not getting love in your hometown or home country, get a plane ticket and the possibilities are endless. I have established connections romantic and platonice in all the places I’ve traveled. I’ve also come to discover that depending on your “look” you WILL be a novelty depending on your locale. I’ve gotten so many concerns about how an individual would be received in certain countries and it truly does depend on the country and the pervasive look of the locals as to how you will be treated. If the country is homogenous, if you are opposite the popular look, be prepared to be loved up and down. In some places, people get their perceptions of a particular group of people from the media and you may be their only encounter. As I always say, everyone is exotic somewhere. Here are my observations:

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