Stuff I learned in 2010

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16. Personal development and personal growth is key.
Don’t stop reading. Don’t stop being inquisitive. Continue studying your craft, take some classes, take a workshop, attend a panel. Read up on something new. Network. Learn from others. Learn a new skill. Build on old skills. Work on personal projects. Launch that idea you’ve been sitting on for a couple years. Life is what you make it, never stop making it better.

15. Emotions are not bad, it’s being consumed by them, that is
Bikram says that emotions are not bad, it’s natural, it’s about learning to control them, not suppress them. It’s ok to feel sad, angry, tired, jealous, hurt etc. The first step is being honest with these emotions and taking the right steps in dealing and coping with them.

14. Healthy living is a conscious decision and a commitment.
When you’re healthy, you’re wealthy. I believe this to be true. Nothing is more important that your health and it is up to you to maintain it. My eating and gym activities have evolved over time for the better. Eating salad when you’d rather munch on something sugary and carby is hard damnit! But it’s about making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle and not giving in to every indulgence every time.

13. Take it one day at a time. Seriously
It is very easy to be overwhelmed by responsibilities and day to day obligations. Take it in stride. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Take a deep breath. Sort it out when it needs to be sorted out and stop worrying so much!

12. No shame in the game. Coupons rule!
It’s still a recession. Use those resources. Why not?

11. Try it! You might love it!
If it’s not illegal or deadly of course. There have been many instances that I didn’t like something years ago and tried it again in recent times and ended up loving it. The ultimate was Bikram yoga. I hated yoga. And doing something I hated in a 105 degree room was not an activity I’d elect to do. However, I tried it once. Like it. Tried it again. For 60 consecutive days and 3 months and a Bikram membership later, I’m a lifer.

10. Multigrain and flaxseed water crackers from Trader Joe’s are really good.
Omega 3 fatty acids. 99 cents. Topped with their goat cheese. The end. By the by, that whole store is pretty awesome as well.

9. Do it NOW. NOT Later.
Just pay the bill right then a there. I’ve kicked myself many a time for having acquiring a late fee I didn’t have to pay in the first place. Just make the reservation right then when you think about it, because when you call back 2 weeks later, there will be none left. Just do it now.

8. Saving is the best thing you can do for yourself
Save. Save. Save. I assessed just how much frivolous spending I used to do and still do and it’s a lot. I have cut a lot of fat and it’s still a work in progress. The question I ask myself is just how much money do I really need for day to day? Not much, if I’m keeping it real. Surrender the rest to savings, you’ll be glad you did.

7. Not using credit cards when you don’t have it, is the best thing you can do for yourself
If you don’t got it, don’t buy it. My best practice before purchasing a want is, I have a choice of credit or debit, if I can’t pay it in debit, I have no business buying in credit.

6. Living by yourself, is the best thing you can do for yourself
::props feet up, throws sweatshirt on the floor, leaves it there::: Enough said.

5. If you want to do something, then damnit do it!
It’s your life so start living! You want to go back to school? DO IT! You want to travel? DO IT! You want to move to a city after graduation, jobless, with only 2 months of rent saved to your name. FOR RENT. I say…think it over, cuz not everyone is as crazy as I am, then DO IT!

4. There will ALWAYS be the choir of “no,” it’s up to you to go deaf to them
And to keep your circle of family and friends strong. For every 50 people who may think I’m crazy for wanting to do something there’s my one friend who smiles and says “Go for it.” That’s what makes the difference.

3. Don’t let other’s negativity change who you are
Be who you are despite other people’s attitudes.

2. It’s ok to ask for help, and people will help you
Not being in control is scary but not knowing to admit when you’ve had it, is dangerous. Be aware of your abilities and limits. Accept that no man is an island and sometimes you may need help. Whether on the job, help in a project from co-workers or maybe just a good pep talk from Mom. It’s completely ok to recoup and regroup when need be.

1. Take time for yourself, no matter what
It’s very easy to say, oh I don’t have the time. Truth is, yes you do. We all make time for what’s important, and you should be important to you so take time to take care of yourself. Whether it is going to the gym, yoga, meditation don’t neglect your well-being.


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  1. Agree wholeheartedly 1-16. Life is a journey – so grateful that some of your lessons learned in 2010 are also some of mine. You have inspired me to take a moment to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned in 2010.

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