Bargainista tips: Never pay full price again

December 27, 2010 at 6:04 PM | Posted in Economista | 2 Comments

Check prices at obscene times of the night
This goes double for flights and hotel rooms. Try 1a.m., 2a.m. 3a.m. and on.

Utilize google
E-bay. Amazon. A plethora of resources starts with one click. Enough said

Ask someone

If they know of any sales. You may even luck out and they may have the item you’re seeking. This has happened to me a few times. I was looking for a specific appliance or clothing item and presto the person had an extra one or gently used one.
Check for discount codes

Check your job for discounts

A lot of corporate jobs have employee discounts on pretty much anything under the sun. Discounted cell bill. Check. Discounted show tickets, check. Discounted car, check. (not even kidding)

Shop off-season
I buy winter clothing in the summer and summer clothing in the winter. Why? Because seasons happen. Winter will eventually come and those ca-yute designer boots I have on. Yup. 20 bucks. ::saunters away::

Check the web for discount codes
If you know the specific item, you may be able to get a discount code someone posted. It works for Broadway plays and online shopping

Don’t only shop when you have “something to do”
I really cannot stand when people buy outfits for specific occasions. Do you not have anything in your closet? That’s what a closet is for. Clothes. A variety of clothes. Build your closet and buy when you like something. You don’t always need a specific event to buy that Tina turner inspired dress. Live! Something will come up. Sheesh!

If it’s on sale, stock up for crying out loud!

Don’t just stand there! Do something! If you find a liquidation sale, take advantage. Stock up on the deep discounts while they’re there.

Raid your mom’s closet

I needed a sweater! PRESTO! This beautiful brown sweater is doing the trick! Thanks Mom! ::scurries off::

Thrift to your heart’s desire
I’ve found many a treasure at thrift stores. Don’t ask me where. I can’t tell you ALL of my secrets!

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  1. Great tips! I never even thought of searching for flights, hotels, etc at the wee hours of the morning!

  2. […] Bargainista tips: Never pay full price again […]

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