Save money on your leisure time

September 1, 2010 at 1:32 PM | Posted in Economista | 3 Comments

Cut your leisure budget in half with these useful tips:

-Use the library – NY public library makes it convenient to request books and also renew books online. They also call you when the books become available
-Borrow from a friend

Food and fun
-Scour the web for coupon codes, is a good resource for this as well as – Get certificates to restuarants for a fraction of the price of a meal – Just as the title suggest this is essential for life deals – Group deals, around your area -from restaurants to retail stores – Deals from comedy shows, to sunset cruises, to teeth whitening and everything in between is not only a tool for making reservations quickly and conveniently, they also send you deals straight to your inbox
Buy With Me is great for pretty much ANY deal you can imagine! Even Bikram Yoga deals!

Buy used
-Thift store shopping – Salvation Army is good for this and every wednesday , items are half off! Half off $1 for a belt? I’m in!
-If you’re in the market for a car go to an auction! Some have been damaged but the cost plus repairs are always cheaper than buying brand new and in a lot of cases the cars are very current.

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