“Oh well, he making mo’ money than you”

June 18, 2010 at 10:37 AM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, Economista, Hear me ROAR! | 1 Comment

I have heard this mantra time and time again. It got me thinking, at what point does money trump integrity, morals and beliefs? At what point do we stop caring about what is right for what is green?
“Oh my Gawd, I can’t believe my former pastor is now a stripper.” Oh well, she making dat money.” HUH?

How is that a rationale for her new occupation? Judgements and personal biases aside, it doesn’t make any sense for a person who denounces lewd behavior to then be the purveyor of such. It’s all business, sure, but at what cost? Is that what one’s life is all about? Money? What about your heart? Is there a little voice in your head anymore that pleads with you? Or does it get bound and gagged when the price is right?

The aspect of this “mo’ money” phenomena that really boggles my mind to smithereens is, it seems inevitable among public figures and normal folk alike. You want it easy? Take off your clothes. You want to move your product? Put out a sex tape. You wan’t an A? Perform well on that oral exam. Don’t know what to do what that degree? Go on a reality show and show me your boobs. What WON’T people do for that ole mighty dollar? No Klondike. But I have to ponder just how easy is it to resort to unthinkable behavior? What environmental pressures or influences had their hand in these decisions? What was the mental processes before these measures were taken? Or is it the lack of thought?

I think the scariest part for me is the thought that maybe (just maybe) I will have to sell out at some point. Even the Dash? Is anyone exempt from this? Can this route be avoided? What would your mother say?
If I had a dollar for every “I am not a role model” proclaimation I hear, well Sallie Mae wouldn’t be my arch nemesis. This statement is valid in that not everyone can be a role model, however, you are accountable TO yourself. Do you even like what you’re doing, stripper-pastor? No, seriously, do ya?

I can’t judge anyone’s moral character, I am not God, but can even the most self-confident, self-aware person fall victim to the mean green? I am not here to force biblical rhetoric at anyone but the love of money does seem to be the root of all evil… at least from this view from under my halo. ; )

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