“I like sharing with you.”

April 29, 2010 at 12:16 PM | Posted in Abs Fab, I support this | 4 Comments

We sat waiting for our food. This brunch spot was West-Indian and island slow. He picked up his knife and fork and simulated riotous hunger. I laughed a little too loudly. Our food came. I’m greedy. I took two bites of my eggs then immediately swiped one of his maduros, then helped myself to a piece his steak. “Mmmm this is so good.” Then I realized my crude gluttony. “I’m sorry, is that annoying?”

He pushed the plate towards me and smiled “No. I like sharing with you.” Probably the most romantic thing I have ever heard.

So what? I’m in rare form today. What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever said to you?



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  1. OMG you are so wierd… love is for the birds……

    However, that was the sweetest thing i’ve heard since i don’t know when.
    it just comes down to , i want you happy.. that makes me happy.

    marriage?… tomorrow? uhhhhh? now?

    • “Love is for the birds”…yet you’re trying to push me into marriage cuz of one sweet thing someone said? Who’s weird? UmmmMMMmmmMMMm–MMmmmmmm

  2. […] I understand, some men are just scummy by nature just as some are chivalrous by nature but this is no excuse to allow just anything to fly. It’s about what you do and don’t […]

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