5 things that’ll get him…at first

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Editor’s Note: I said “get him” not necessarily “keep him.” Use a little more imagination for that one ladies.

5. Colors
“Men like colors” my mother exclaimed, this past summer, smiling in her orange dress as 3 men in a row hit on her at the MET then were shooed away with a “That’s my mother, and I’m 23.” She’s right. Men like bright colors, it can be attributed to a plumage of sorts. You catch more flies with orange than black, it draws attention. But make sure it’s the right attention, don’t put on a red mesh shirt sans camisole and expect desirable results.

4. Smile
Who doesn’t like a nice smile? Instead of scowling and snarling, a smile works. I will continue to work on this, but scaring small children is so much fun. Hmmpff. :scowls, then roars:

3. Scent
A while back I was watching some obscure family sitcom. The father was asking his son why he liked a certain girl at school. The son replied, “well I only liked her because she smelled really good.” The father then said “Ah that’s how they getcha.” Ah, release the black widow in you ladies.

2. Laughter
Instant attraction! You’re having fun! Now what’s more attractive than fun? Yep you got no counter-point. I’ve explained my repugnance for public crying. Laughter is the direct opposite of repugnance. I’m sure, most can agree the sound of laughter is a mood booster. Not the obnoxious maniacal kind but the normal kind. Because nobody likes a psycho. And please ladies just.don’t.be.a.pyscho.

1. Heels

@lovemecca addendum: Yes indeed, confidence and heels can be tied for number one. Because without confidence, the other four cannot be pulled off.



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  1. And as a bonus…Confidence! Men can smell insecurity a mile away, no matter how much a woman does all of the above.

  2. i agree with all of these. a smile goes a long way and not just with attracting the opposite sex. i make it a point to smile and people and be courteous to them. you’re so right with the no man wants a woman who scowls. its just a turnoff.

    a woman who smells good is already winning in my book.

    and heels. what can i say. i love the way they accentuate the calf muscle. the things i would do to a woman with shapely legs in a nice pair of heels.

  3. Great list!
    I would add the ability to listen. This works on everyone in any situation. A man who feels that you’re listening to him, focusing on his words, his ideas, etc., will be more apt to listen to you when you have something important on your mind. It’s all about respect. I know that I love it when I feel that I’m being listened to.


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