A Word to the Wise: “…cuz blk ppl like to do that…”

February 26, 2010 at 10:47 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, Don't be a Dummy, Gimme a frickin break!, Hear me ROAR!, Higher Definition, I have had enough | 3 Comments

Editor’s Note: My friend was on facebook and found this little gem of perspective and enlightenment…

Result: 1 boy
you will have one boy and you will call him joshua.He will enter the olympics as swimming,he loves music and makes his own songs,he is a loving boy and you should be proud..

Matt LaBella


sooo whys thur a picture of soulja boy .. lol
19 minutes ago

Lauren Moser


I wasn’t told I was taking a quiz to see how many black babies I would have…
11 minutes ago

Matt LaBella


lol if he was blk u wouldin name him joshua .. itd be sumthing relle girlie cuz blk ppl like to do that .. or something nobody can spell or say
5 minutes ago

My response was not as eloquent or as thought-provoking as Matt’s:

“…or maybe Leticia, a Latin name or Shoshanna a Hebrew name, perhaps Saskia a slavic name or how about Aparnaa an Indian name. Because I’m sure NO black people are named Matt or Lauren. Nope absolutely none. And this coming from university students, the creme of the crop? Matt sure seems like the expert on Black people…and I guess in his post, ebonics as well…the power, effect and credibility of his hateful message was negated by his glaring grammatical, typographical and syntax errors. I can easily acquiesce it is nothing but gross stupidity and venom from an imbecile.  In trying to spread prejudice he has only debased himself. We have not progressed. It is this small minded, defective and ultimately dangerous mentality that keeps America where it is. The only hope is, for exemplary human beings like this to die off or actually apply their education (whatever that means) What many unintelligible individuals fail to realize is that a lot of these “black names” are Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, African or Indian in origin, there is no such thing as a “Black name,” but of course I don’t have to tell Mr. Matt that since he is so well versed on what Black people like to do. Please enlighten all of facebook and the world with your omniscience. I’ll wait.”

Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions, educated or not but I draw the line with destructive rhetoric. It’s one thing to internalize biases and prejudice but another to spread idiocies. (and I’m not even going to go in on facebook’s incorrect usage of “there.”) Speak on it…

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  1. you handled it. VERY well I might add. I have another friend on facebook (who goes to our university no less, you may even know her) who engages in the same type of behavior Mr. Matt here chose to do, on facebook. It doesn’t happen often, and only with one other individual she is friends with (it seems to be an inside joke with them, and perhaps a play on their surroundings in North Philly)–but ever since I saw it that first time it bothered me. I knew why it bothered me subconsciously, because this girl knew me and had many friends who were black, and I even think the friend she was doing this with was mixed. I don’t know, maybe her friend doing it made her feel it was okay to do it. But it bothered the hell out of me and I never could quite look at her the same after I saw that…

  2. now that is the power of educations–you handled yourself in an excellent manner–rock on sister!

  3. […] Asian) culture. I don’t see what the big fuss is about honestly. In no way does this depict Black Americans as a monolith. Again, you have to look at the […]

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