Unfairly stigmatized

February 17, 2010 at 1:08 PM | Posted in As A Man, Hear me ROAR! | 8 Comments

I wear them. Have been an avid fan since I was able to but them with money I earned. What makes them different than any other stocking with a pattern? I even wear them to work with knee-length skirt and longer. I think they are absolutely fine to wear. Anywhere.

Curse words
I do it. You do it. What the f*$@ is the problem?

Single people
As I’ve said before here, “singledom” is not a sickness, condition, or disease. Sometimes it is a choice, it is a lifestyle, it can even be a way of thinking. I call it the joie de vivre. What makes a person in a relationship more happy than me? Get over it already.

5 inch heels
I love heels. I love love LOVE them. Why? Many reasons, but it seems like anytime I wear my customary 5 inches I’m met with gasps and agape mouths and the culprits are mostly women. “How can you walk in those?” they exclaim. One foot in front of the other. Genius.

Bright lipstick during daylight hours
Last year I got a kick ass pink lipstick. The saleslady at MAC did a number on my “quick trip to grab concealer” per usual. She applied the lipstick in the store and I kept it on because I loved it so. A woman passed me on the street and exclaimed “You look like spring!” I giggled. I told my best friend, she exclaimed, “You wear lipstick during the day?” My response “When are you supposed to wear lipstick?” Or do anything else for that matter. Is there a time you’re supposed to do anything? Guess I’m a rebel.

This is an ongoing debate. What’s wrong with eating bacon? It’s delish. My dear friend, J. Rainford is in agreeance in rejecting its rejection.

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  1. Lol at the last statement. I do not eat pork which was a decision I made a few years ago (but damn if I dont crave bacon sometimes) Most of my family eat pork except for the few fake Rastas in my family. I do find it funny people who use the bible as a reason for not eating pork and then will chomp down on some fried shrimp which is also considered “unclean”. I am currently working on eliminating red meat from my diet.

  2. I love my fishnets. I have them a variety of colors and with it being cold, it’s a great accessory to my skirts.

  3. HUGE fan of lipstick during the day. The brighter the better! Wore an amazing red yesterday and got a ton of compliments.

  4. The pig issue needs to be a whole ‘nother blog (I, too will tear up some bacon, pernil, and smoked ham) because if one more guy cites the reason they don’t eat pork as the Bible but then proceed to steal a car, rob an old lady, and cheat on their wife- I may scream. Also, please refrain from lecturing me on why I should not eat pork- I respect your decision, please respect mine. That is all.

  5. […] 1. Heels Hello! […]

  6. The pig issue is dead to me, people will never make me stop eating crispy bacon any time of the day.
    My other point I want to add- I wear weaves!!! And I know who I am, I’m not fake and I’m in touch with my Africaness!!! (I’m live in South Africa)
    P.S. Dash, I just discovered your blog and I love it!!

    • Why thank you! I appreciate the support! And yes, weaves, wigs, clip in, clip outs, fusions, tracks WHATEVER! Most of the time it’s convenience, and wanting different looks. Plopping on a wig is a whole lot easier than dealing with your hair in any given situation. As you pointed out, as long as it looks good, what’s the big deal?

  7. […] good and well you cannot walk in those heels. TAKE THEM OFF! I’m a heel advocate. Yes I am, but let’s admit that they are not for everyone. If you find yourself hobbling. […]

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