5 reasons why my father RUINED my dating life!

February 10, 2010 at 9:31 PM | Posted in As A Man, Higher Definition, I support this, Love, Dating & Relationships | 9 Comments

5. He never made me mow the lawn
My family is very traditional in the way of gender roles. My father fixed the cars, mowed the lawn, lifted heavy stuff, opened the jars, didn’t want my mother to work (but she did) and my mother cooked, cleaned, sewed and did the shopping. These responsibilities were passed on to me and my sister as the male roles were passed on to my brother. My brother and father were the only two that ever mowed the lawn. I believe women can do anything a man does and vice versa but I’ll be damned if my mate doesn’t intervene when I try to lift a hundred pound couch solo.

4. He cooked for me on my 13th birthday
This was my special birthday request. My father worked very long hours and commuted 4-5 hours 5-7 days a week. He cooked but rarely, but his food was amazing! I’m sure he could have used the time it took to fulfill my special request to sleep or rest but he didn’t, he wanted to make me happy and that bomb meal did just that. The little things count and the fact I remember that gesture more than 10 years later is a testament to that.

3. He gossips with me
As I’ve said before I like free flowing communication. Anyone I deem important in my life is capable of this, especially my father. I could tell him  my middle toe itched and then a lint ball landed on the TV and he would chuckle or gasp at the story, and I’m sure he doesn’t care that, “Stephanie” from my 11th grade musical is now “Steve,” he still listens.

2. He never hesitates to tell me how wonderful I am
My father gasses me. Blatantly put. He tells me he loves me, he tells me I’m beautiful, he tells me he’s proud of me, he encourages me, he asks for and values my opinion, he compliments me. What’s wrong with that?

1. He went out of his way to bag my mother
When my father met my mother, he didn’t have two pennies to rub together but as she recounts their dates, he rented a car every time he took her out. Don’t ask me how the man did it but I know for sure that he did it because he genuinely liked my mother and his actions showed that. I’m not saying a man will have to file for chapter 11 if he dates me but the car-renting story shows that the right man will decide picking up his lady in a rented car is better than making her ride in the back of his bicycle.

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  2. I can soooo relate to this lol. I am fortunate enough to have not just a great father, but also an AMAZING grandfather and great uncles. I saw them respect all the females around them and went out of their way to make us happy in the best way that they could. It is unfortunate that many women feel that since there aren’t many men that treat women like this anymore, than it is ok for them to settle for less than they deserve. What’s even more unfortunate and disturbing are the men who feel that women who have certain expectations on how they are to be treated are some how stuck up, crazy, or think they think that we are asking too much.

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  4. I love this one b/c everyone knows that it is because of my father that not just any man come into my life and be accepted. He gave me support, taught me right from wrong, discussed issues from politics to music to culture to family roles to everything w/ me even when I didnt wanna hear it…which is why I know men are capable of discussing real things. All the women I know love him to pieces and he spoils me silly.

    He raised me to be traditional but independent. He hates that I’m not a huge fan of the kitchen but loves my desire to read and learn about everything. And he’s currently in the process of teaching me about the engine of my car and this summer how to change a tire “just in case”. He def did ruin my dating life, but I’m damn proud of it. He taught me not to settle…he did his best for me when I was growing up, and some day I’ll allow another man to do the same for me when he no longer can…

    And for all the women who dont have dads around, there are good men out there…you’re just living in the shadows rather than stepping into the light realizing that you’re surronded by em everyday. Just cuz it aint YOUR perfect man…doesnt mean he doesnt exist

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