‘Madre said’: The top ten quotes that reveal the facts of life

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10. “They look like stripper shoes! Get theeeemmmm!!!!!”
This is pretty self-explanatory. I tried on these great shoes for my 23rd birthday last year. I put them on, 5.5 inches. Green and gold and beautiful. My mother’s eyes brightened and she blurted this classic quote out. What lesson is learned here? Mamas probably got it poppin’ more than you whippersnappers.

9. “You done with that shirt? I’ll give you this bracelet.”
My mother shares and is very giving. She’s also in love with clothes and shopping, this is where I get it from. So if I like anything she’s wearing she immediately gives it to me….but if I happen to have something on she likes….Ah the art of barter and trade realized.

8. “I should just come out with you on New Year’s Eve so I can wear my outfit.”
You’re only as old as you feel and by my estimation my mother is 23.

7. Oh, you know “they” too?
You know that saying “they say this good” “they say eat your vegetables” “they say exercise” well my mother says
“They? Oh so you know ‘they’ too? Do “they” know you? I would appreciate a decision made by YOU. Who are “they” anyway?” Get a brain and backbone and stop subscribing to the BS. Geez!

6. “Who am I, the cat mother?”
I always loved this one. Whenever I referred to my mother in a sentence as “she,” “Well she’s there”…my mother would say this. She demanded respect and anything less is unacceptable.

5. “It will always look good to a man.”
We were discussing pregnancy and what consequently happens to a va-jay-jay in the aftermath. I said “it’ll be all ugly, and ugh!” To which my mother replied “oh please, it’ll always look good to a man.”

4. “It’s not a question of “if you should forgive, or can I forgive?” You must forgive. You must forgive. It’s the only way.”
This is cut and dry. To grow and live and let live, forgiveness is crucial. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to forgive. It IS the only way.

3. “Ask yourself two questions. What are they giving to you? What are they taking from you? After answering these two questions honestly, it is easy to let go.”
Let go. Let go. Let go. You must love and value the ones that reciprocate the same. To the others that don’t, let them go from your life.

2. “Don’t question me. I don’t like when people question me, so I don’t question others.”
This might be my favorite because I am the exact same way. *ye shrug*

1. “I ate pizza, rice and chocolate today. Uhhh! So good!”
And this was said during week 3 of our diet. A reminder to indulge in your favorite things from time to time.

1. You go mamacita!
My mother supports and loves unconditionally.
(So what I cheated. hahahaha!)

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  1. I love these! Your mom seems like a fun & strong person. 🙂

    My mom & grandfather use quote #6 about the cat’s mother quite often. Respect is so important. I’m thinking of starting to use it when people use ‘she’ and the person is right there…

  2. lol, I love Moms… My brother and I have a huge age gap and I asked my Mom if I was planned and her response was… “I always wanted a daughter…” WTF kind of answer is that! lol…


  3. I love it all, particularly 3, 4 and 10! Mommies tend to know a lot more than we expect. My mother’s latest gem of wisdom: “Renee, don’t forget to love yourself”. So simple, yet poignant.

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  7. Your mom rocks!

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