Ain’t nothing going on but the rent…put down the Jimmy Choos!

January 9, 2010 at 3:41 PM | Posted in Ah C'mon!, I support this | 11 Comments

Editor’s Note: We’re still in a recession. Feeling the pinch? Well, with a little common sense and these tips, you won’t have to. Hopefully these tips will form new sensible financial habits.

1. Stop using your debit card

Yea burning out that black strip is not ideal. Especially since you don’t know exactly how much you are spending with all the constant swiping. Use something tangible. Cash. You will see the cash leaving your hand and will do everything in your power to prevent its exodus.

2. Get a second  job

As simple as that.

3. Find out where the most waste is and eliminate it

For me, my biggest expense is eating out. Buying food, versus groceries turns out to be unnecessarily expensive. Now, I’m getting my housewife on and cooking in bulk for the week and packing breakfast/lunch so I have no need to buy food outside. Find your waste and cut the fat.

4. Wants vs needs

Sure, you may think you need that fuschia eyeshadow from the new MAC line but when it comes down to it you actually need to pay your rent. Homelessness is definitely not popping in the 2010.

4. Thrift store lovin’

Hey, all the robot carbon copy hipsters in the cut out town called Williamsburg are doing it. So it must be cool then. I did go to said cut out town and for under $200 dollars I acquired, 5 pairs of shoes, 2 cute vintage purses, 1 beautiful vintage belt, 2 pairs of slacks, 2 long sweaters, 1 t-shirt, 2 beautiful dresses, 1 funky sweater, and a sheer cutesy shirt. Convinced yet?

5. Pay yourself first

Set up an automatic savings account that pulls money out of your check every time you get paid. Do NOT not NOT forget to set up your 401K!

6. Stop fronting like you got it

This is two fold. You KNOW you don’t have two nickels to rub together. Why are you clicking on that Louboutin link on the Saks site. Log out, my friend. Christian ain’t paying your bills. Why are you window shopping? Shield your eyes and hop on that express train home. Your friend invited you out? Sit allllll the way down at home. No clubbing for you, my friend.

7. Pretend you’re your spend-thrift father.

Before making a purchase ask yourself ‘What Would Daddy do?’ Chances are, you’ll end up 50 G’s richer in just 6 months.

8. One word. Budget.

Age old, but it still works. Sit your butt down and be honest about your expenses. There are many a budget calculators available online. There’s excel. There are books. There is also good ole’ paper and pencil. Allot some cash for leisure but don’t get crazy. You can find cheap and free stuff to do around the city you’re in.

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  1. I agree but I just have certain things I can’t give up no matter how hard i try!!

    • And I hope those “things” are worth being broke over. #priorities.

  2. Ok, I’m down for everything except the budget one… I try so hard but it doesnt work! I’m too old to say that, but shit comes up! Like the Jay-Z concert or the girl’s weekend to Cancun… how are you supposed to budget for that?

    • A girl’s weekend to Cancun is planned over a couple months. It doesn’t pop up unexpectedly so you can definitely budget for a vacation. And the Jay-Z concert can be sent to the left, he’s not paying your rent, he makes enough damn money. You can def pass on that one.

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  6. Yikes – its crazy that I read this as I was perusing through Hangs head in shame…

    • Hahaha my job here is done. :::disappears in a cloud of glitter and leyomi drops:::

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