I’m back my loves

January 4, 2010 at 9:00 PM | Posted in Gimme a frickin break! | 2 Comments

Whoa, I have not blogged in ages…aka 2 weeks. Seems like an eternity. The holidays come in and consume your life for a good month and change then spits you back out, broke, hungover and wretchedly tired just in time for work Monday morning after a week of binge eating, spiked eggnog and fighting off soccer moms at target. I’ve always wondered, what is it all for? And this X-mas proved to be the last straw.

I’m 23 years old. I got a shirt for Christmas. Yea, a shirt. I got my family stuff they would probably like. Key words being “got” and “stuff.” I can honestly say this was the last Christmas I will get them anything. Yea I said it. I
The focus is too much on “hey what’d you get” instead of “hey how was it.” I’ll probably start making charitable donations in their name or making their gifts because I can take more joy in that. My family already has enough “stuff.” The one “holy-day” that is supposed to be about the love of Christ has been desecrated into a peppermint haze. I’m sick of it. So too bad. I’m done with X-Mas. I will now start celebrating ChristMas.



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  1. did you kill santa?
    btw, I like your blog’s logo…
    is that you in the foto?

    • Thanks, yes that is me in all my tigress glory

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